Veronica Ricci

Clare Fonda gives her new assistant, Veronica Ricci, a over the knee spanking on her first day

You may know Veronica Ricci as a sexy, nude glamour model. She certainly has the body and the looks to drive us all crazy. Here she is playing Clare’s new personal assistant and so succumbs to an OTK spanking in her untidy office. Veronica is definitely a spanking model for anyone who loves their spankees to be glamourous and sexy. Veronica is almost too perfect… high time she was brought down a peg or two! In the above photo she has just been pulled over Clare’s lap and is getting her bottom spanked over her short denim skirt. Her expression is more of shock than anything to begin with. For maximum humiliation Clare proceeds to strip her new employee naked as she continues to smack the lovely beauty’s bum among the files and papers of the untidy workplace.

Girl Spanks Girl

    • tim
    • May 15th, 2011

    nice new blog ,yes Veronica is a little cutie girl taking big spanks ,best ,tim .

  1. Daisy dukes and spankings go oh so well together :-)

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